Only Trust The Most Practical Bathroom Storage Ideas For A Cleaner Bathroom October 24, 2009

I always feel that my efforts are never enough when it comes to cleaning my bathroom. No matter how hard I try fixing my bathroom, it always ends up a mess. There are so many things which I use in my bathroom like my shampoo, conditioner, soap, hand wash, scrub and a lot more. I already have a medicine cabinet which doubles as a mirror but the space is never enough. Frustrated, I tried to seek the help of my sister who apparently has a neater and more organized bathroom.

When she entered my bathroom, she laughed so hard! She never understood how someone can turn this small space into a mess. Apparently, I was able to do this. She helped me out and organized my space through simple bathroom storage ideas. The medicine cabinet is okay but things in the bathroom needed a new storage space. A small cabinet with drawers and a built-in hamper is perfect. I will be able to store my things as well as the old clothes that I wear. I do not have to place everything in the bathroom. With a smart storage tool like this, I will be able to organize my bathroom and still save some space for me.
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