Our first area of focus is to provide capital and management support for our existing subsidiary company. We will concurrently target and potentially acquire additional revenue generating streams that have demonstrated both viability and growth potential. Ideally, investment capital will be used to affect a quantum growth in the portfolio company's revenues and facilitate long-term value.

Only Trust The Most Practical Bathroom Storage Ideas For A Cleaner Bathroom December 15th, 2009

I always feel that my efforts are never enough when it comes to cleaning my bathroom. No matter how hard I try fixing my bathroom, it always ends up a mess. There are so many things which I use in my bathroom like my shampoo, conditioner, soap, hand wash, scrub and a lot more. I already have a medicine cabinet which doubles as a mirror but the space is never enough. Frustrated, I tried to seek the help of my sister who apparently has a neater and more organized bathroom.

When she entered my bathroom, she laughed so hard! She never understood how someone can turn this small space into a mess. Apparently, I was able to do this. She helped me out and organized my space through simple bathroom storage ideas. The medicine cabinet is okay but things in the bathroom needed a new storage space. A small cabinet with drawers and a built-in hamper is perfect. I will be able to store my things as well as the old clothes that I wear. I do not have to place everything in the bathroom. With a smart storage tool like this, I will be able to organize my bathroom and still save some space for me.

Saving Money On Counter Stools Is Not A Problem Anymore November 30th, 2009

There is always enough room for furniture when it comes to my home. Since I am currently having plans of renovating my living room, I am looking for the different furniture that I can add to this. One of the major plans for my new living room is to have a mini-bar added to it. This is why I am searching for counter stools that I can buy for my bar. I want my living room to be designed with a modern taste so I am looking for metal stools with a steel chrome frame.

Good thing eBay is selling a lot of stools that I really like. I will be able to buy these stools that I can add to my home. With a very low price, I am sure that I will be able to save a lot of money when it comes to this. I am planning to get 8 stools but the price is very cheap that it seems that I only have to pay for 6 chairs. This is really a great bargain when it comes to these things! Trust me; eBay.com is the best site where you can find the best bargains for your home furniture.

Practical Air Compressor For Sale October 24th, 2009

Car owners are hassled when the tires of their car is in jeopardy; which means that the tires looses air or get flat while on the road on the way to work or to an important event. Another dilemma is when a vulcanizing shop or a gas station is out of sight. With flat tires, you cannot drive your car properly; hence you cannot go to your destination. In order for these distressing situations not to happen again, you need to hook up your own air compression at the back of your car in case these kinds of emergency occur.

There is an available air compressor for sale on the internet. There are a variety of such compressors to choose from for different functions. An air compressor serves to increase the quantity of air in a particular space. By filling and compressing the air, the air pressure is amplified which establishes a force that is helpful for a range of purposes, from industrial to manufacturing, and from commercial to personal uses. These gears are commonly accessible at hardware stores for rental. To have an easier time, buy air compressor that can be kept in handy for those who have cars just in case you find yourself in a situation where there are limited vulcanizing shops to take care of your tires.

Check the Quality of Your Asphalt Plant Equipment October 24th, 2009

In order to make a good product, one should have all the best quality equipments and parts for manufacturing. A plant is not to be called a plant if they lack the necessary equipments and machinery in manufacturing their products. Even having all the engineers who are more than 15 years in this industry, they cannot perform their tasks properly without providing the appropriate tools. Having an asphalt factory is critical especially if the demands for immediate action are at stake.

Asphalt plant equipment should always be of high class and can easily be maintained to prevent the delay in work. A skilled personnel working for this kind of plant can lay his hands on the mechanical parts without sabotaging it if the equipments used are capable of delivering high end results. The higher the quality of the equipments, the better the production value, and the better the maintenance factor. Replace your old tools and equipments and seek the help of a trusted company that will provide you the state of the art materials to keep your asphalt plant fully operating. Quality is important than quantity; you do not want to risk your work because of the rotting equipments that won’t work.

A Good Dallas Residential Pest Control Service October 24th, 2009

Mosquitoes, ants, termites, flies, rodents, and cockroaches are some of the filthy pests that haunt and bring chaos to every house. Every waking moment of our lives, we see them flying and crawling around the house, and every sleeping moment of our lives, these bugs annoys us by crawling on our skin and by flying and dipping at us that deprives us of rest. Their success rate is high in destroying the peaceful environment of the residents. Statistics show that control for these small, grubby creatures are relatively low because every day they tend to multiply and invade every household. In order to stop these dirty phenomena, actions must be done.

The Dallas residential pest control is a reliable service provider to help control, eliminate, and manage the home from pest invasion. They will inspect for the condition and the structure of the house to know the hiding place of the pests. After assessing, they will start the organic dusting, and barrier treatment to make sure that pest problems will be resolved along with the peace of mind that everything will come into place. Eradicate all worries regarding pest by calling a dependable pest control service before they summon your house.

The Competitive Gains of Having an International Health Insurance October 24th, 2009

A traveler must be equipped with the necessary documents and insurance before flying for the out of the country business trip. All is set for travel until, suddenly, it is found that his current health insurance does not cover him outside of his country. That would be a big problem if an unexpected medical emergency or an accident happens that ruins not just his business trip but also his life.

Finding a reliable health insurance is a burden especially if it provides you with poor services. Paying for these health insurances is not only but a waste of money but also a waste of effort and time. You need an insurance that will assist you regarding your health needs here and overseas. An international health insurance is a must have in order to ensure that someone will attend to all your medical needs. ‘Health is wealth’ should be at the top priority, even at home or worldwide. Aim for a successful and worry free trip by acquiring a health insurance that will support you with all the health services that is necessary for you, whether it be domestically or globally. Know your choices and weigh the options which will meet your requirements of a better health insurance.

How Great Are the Leather Sofas in San Antonio Texas October 24th, 2009

Finding a serene spot where you can relax from the exhausting outside world is really pleasing and energy rejuvenating. Everyone has their own place of comfort or their comfort zone. Some can rest easily when at their room lying in bed, while some are comfortable sitting on their favorite fluffy chair. And speaking of fluffy, almost everyone have their own fluffy sofas in their living room or in the office. It is invigorating to sit back on that couch, legs raised while enjoying the tranquil atmosphere that relieves everyone from unnecessary thoughts.

Leather sofas in San Antonio Texas will give you the comfort that you need. Leathers will not give you friction so it does not harm your skin. It provides a total support on the body as you feel the downy, leather rich in the highest quality used made from exotic animal hides. Not just the quality of the materials used that you will be impressed of but the overall design of the leather sofas will give you a notion of elegance and classiness. The comfort zone is important to keep your sanity so pick the suitable leather sofa where you can feel the comfort you are looking for.